Director, producer, writer, and photographer Ithiell B. Yisrael, born in Harlem, New York, began his career as Production Assistant in the Art Department of a Hudlin Brothers Film. From there he has worked with film industry icons such as Joel Schumacher, Abel Ferrara, Spike Lee, John Sayles, Denzel Washington, Hype Williams and others. He has written, produced, shot and edited feature films, shorts, commercial and marketing promos, music videos, TV pilots, documentaries, instructional videos, infomercials and just about every format of film and video production. His knowledge in conceptualizing, producing and completing film and video visions is extensive.


He has over 15 years of experience in Film and Video Production and launched Iron Rock Films in 2008.  Iron Rock Films is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL and is currently developing new and original content and planning to build a soundstage to export quality film and television product from Jacksonville, FL.


Iron Rock Films has several projects in development to include sci-fi, action adventure, feature films, biopics and reality TV, news and lifestyle, music artists docu-series, alternative/innovative cooking show and various other projects for which the establishment of strategic partnerships is in the works. "These strategic partnerships will play a vital role in developing our new and original content.  His directorial debut film Snug, although still in post-production, has already garnered the attention of some industry executives and Hollywood production companies. He is also producing a documentary on the subject of sex abuse, and developing a TV Drama series starring a world-renown comedian.